Andretti INDY NXT Grand Prix at Road America Race Report


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Andretti INDY NXT


“First of all, massive congratulations to Jamie. She has done an amazing job and was the woman to beat this weekend. She was really fast, and I am very happy for the team. From our side of things, the move from Turn 1 we thought might stick, but it did not. So, that really hindered our ability to get back forward again. I had to use push-to-pass, and we were we were good on push to pass until probably Lap 10. We had 36 seconds more than everyone else around us, and then I think I just burned a bit too much in the middle stage of that race. We went into the last two laps with a lot less. So, it was all about surviving. However, it was a good move on Jacob, so I was happy about that. I barely stuck it but, we managed to get P2 and I’m happy about that. It was a good day for the Andretti INDY NXT team.”


“It was quite a positive race today. The boys worked really hard after Detroit, so a big thank you goes out to everyone here at Andretti for getting the car together and giving me such a package to fight with. Also, congratulations to Jamie. I’m really happy for her and for Louis. It’s great to see them secure that 1-2 result for the team. My race was good. I mean, we were up there for a while, but I made a few mistakes on the restart and ended up pushing us down a little bit. Still, P8 gives us some good points and a lot to build on. I’m looking forward to Laguna next.”


“I’m a little emotional right now. We’ve had an unbelievable car this year and I just haven’t been able to really do anything about it. So, I’m just so happy we held on there. With the red flag at the end, we started to lose the tires a little bit. I just knew I had to be aggressive. I really wanted to win today, and I’m just so thankful for the Andretti INDY NXT team. Last year was a tough year, but they’ve helped me so much and this win is for them.”


“We worked our way forward at the start, but got hit from behind and taken out in Turn 7. We spun out and ended up in the wall, and that was it. It’s as simple as that. Our race was done at that point. We went a lap down right away and just couldn’t recover. Onto the next.”


“Tough day for us. We DNF’ed the race with an electrical issue. We don’t know yet what happened, but we lost power in the car. Rough day, but congratulations to Jamie and Louis for the 1-2 finish. Now we’ll just refocus an look forward to the NXT testing on the oval and the Laguna race.”


“The result wasn’t quite what we wanted it to be with the P11 finish. I had a little incident at the start where I locked up the front right going into Turn 3. I just had a little less grip than I thought there would be. It’s not like me to lock up tires like that. I was telling myself the whole race not to lock up and to save the tires, but it happened anyway. We flat-spotted the right front, but we were doing great at the beginning. I had a really good three-car pass in Turns 5 and 6, but I could tell just as I was catching up with the leaders that I was losing grip in the front. The car just fell away from me and the mistake I made at the beginning just caught up to me, so I had to use a lot of my push-to-pass defending other cars. I was basically just a sitting duck at that point. A big thank you to Andretti Cape and Andretti Global and a special thank you to Flatrock Motorclub and Rising Star Rising. I wouldn’t be here without them.”