Andretti Formula E Collaborates with Local Artisan Edillys for 2024 Mexico City E-Prix Poster


Andretti Formula E revealed on Monday, January 8 its collaboration with local Mexican artist, Edillys, for the creation and design of its 2024 Hankook Mexico City E-Prix race poster. In each Formula E race market, the team will be collaborating with local artists to produce a poster that seamlessly integrates motorsports with the distinctive character of each city’s culture. For the Season 10 opener, local artist Edillys was entrusted with the task of visually encapsulating the intrinsic spirit of this dynamic metropolis.

This Q&A serves as an insightful exploration into Edillys’ professional background, artistic influences and the connection between her creative work and Mexican identity. Edillys also provides her top recommendations within Mexico City, including best places to visit and top spots for grabbing a bite to eat.

Tell us about yourself – where are you from, what do you do?

I find joy in exploring diverse cultures, savoring coffee, indulging in reading and embarking on creative journeys. I’ve studied various careers, including aviation, and I’ve always been self-motivated and excited to start interests from scratch. Since childhood I’ve been crafting my own narratives, writing and sketching on the headboard of my bed. Drawing serves as a tool for self-discovery and healing.

Two years ago, I took a one-way journey from Colombia to Mexico armed only with a suitcase, numerous questions and a profound trust in life. Mexico beckoned, its welcoming embrace felt like an open door, a springboard, and ultimately, my home – though the purpose remained uncertain. This is where I belong!

Navigating self-discovery through encounters with strangers, I realize our shared humanity. Mexico, without demanding anything in return has become my canvas. As a Colombian Venezuelan, I represent Mexico through what inspires me. Presently, I assist entrepreneurs in bringing their dreams to fruition through design, and I am also an illustrator and a painter. My passion extends to writing and anything that ignites my heart into stars.

What do you enjoy about being a creative/artist/designer?

I fully enjoy being an artist who takes the necessary space and time to connect with creativity from curiosity and fun. I am a firm believer that we are all creative, it’s part of our identity as human beings. That’s why creativity, for me, is sacred. It’s tied to authenticity and the ability to allow ourselves to experiment.

I used to feel anxious about the expectation of being creative in my work for others. Consequently, I decided to change that belief. Now, I consider myself fortunate as I find inspiration and enjoyment in almost everything. I am very selective about what I consume.

We chose you and your work to represent Mexico – what does being Mexican mean to you?

Being Mexican feels lovely and being an adopted Mexican feels even more so. It has given a different meaning to loyalty, identity and nationalism. I’ve had the opportunity to recognize myself through other people, creating new close families and friends. I feel part of a tribe, all seeking the same without realizing it. Breaking tediously established barriers, expanding towards new and infinite opportunities, striving to learn, to have really strong roots and being open to anything that may happen.

Do you like motorsport? What does it mean to work with the Andretti team?

One month ago, I knew nothing about motorsport, and now, I’ve delved into every aspect of the team, including the drivers’ diets, the cars, the tracks and even podcasts about Formula E. I’m a fan, and being a beginner is a blessing, working in my favor. Working with Andretti has marked a new adventure in my artistic career. It’s an honor to be part of such a dedicated, consistent team with well-defined values. I admire how they respect cultural diversity, and I appreciate the creative freedom I’ve been granted. It means a lot to me.

What was your design process for this poster?

I maintained a highly flexible creative process, yet I keenly felt a profound responsibility toward the Mexican people. Seeking external connections, I frequently visited cafes, immersed myself in music and observed diverse scenes passing by to gain a unique perspective. Numerous sketches were made, guidance was sought from close family, walks were taken, and, at times when inspiration waned, a few quesadillas were indulged in— all integral aspects of my creative journey. The process was anything but linear, and I successfully conveyed a visual understanding without the necessity of verbal or written communication.

Talk to us about the poster design – why did you include those colors/elements?

I find immense fascination in creating illustrations that evoke emotions or trigger memories. To capture the essence of Mexico City, I reflected on the experiences, memories, and places that have deeply resonated with me. I am confident that those who view my work will feel a sense of connection. The colors I’ve chosen come from my favorite palette, selected with great inspiration. They embody warm, subtle, elegant, and playful tones, mirroring the vibrant spirit of the city.

Andretti Formula E and its fans are visiting Mexico City for this race – what places should they visit? What food should they eat?

CDMX will amaze you with its gastronomy; I’m sharing some of my favorite places. STREET FOOD IS AMAZING! Dare to try ESQUITES at Mercado Medellin, TACOS, MICHELADAS, AND MORE.


Fonda Margarita. – Tlacoquemecatl del Valle

Cafe Nin – Reforma

Catamundi – Polanco

Niddo – Reforma


El Parnita – Roma Norte

Azul Histórico – Centro

Rosetta – Roma Norte

Maizajo – Condesa


Taquería Orinoco – Roma, Condesa, Polanco

El Tigre silencioso – Roma Norte

Malix – Polanco

Elly’s – Reforma


Club Petanca – Roma

Arca Tierra – Amanecer chinampero con The Curious Mexican

Bar Oriente (Karaoke) – Roma Norte

El Club del Hielo


Museo Nacional de Antropología

Castillo de Chapultepec

Museo de Arte Moderno

Museo Frida Kali

Parque Aztlan

We would like to share our sincere appreciation to Edillys for her outstanding design of our 2024 Hankook Mexico City E-Prix race poster and would encourage you to explore more of her work and gain a deeper understanding of her artistic perspective through her social channels below.

Instagram @edillys // Twitter @edillysp // Substack @edillys