Andretti Extreme E Partners With Saudi Arabian Automotive Leader to Form Andretti ALTAWKILAT Extreme E


INDIANAPOLIS (February 9, 2023)  Andretti Autosport has announced today that the team’s Extreme E program will partner with ALTAWKILAT, one of Saudi Arabia’s largest automotive companies, to form Andretti ALTAWKILAT Extreme E for Season 3 of the electric, off-road SUV racing series. ALTAWKILAT has been part of Andretti’s Extreme E family of partners since the 2021 inaugural season. 


ALTAWKILAT’s commitment to increasing awareness of the effects of global warming and climate change on ecosystems across the globe aligns with the goal of the Extreme E Championship to use electric racing to highlight remote environments under threat of climate change issues and to encourage positive action to protect the planet’s future.


With over 75 years of experience in serving customers in Saudi Arabia, ALTAWKILAT provides superior products and services to customers through the continuous pursuit of operational excellence and close partnership with suppliers. The preferred choice among automotive retailer networks in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has grown from just five branches to over 28 branches throughout all regions. 


Andretti Autosport and United Autosports paired to launch Andretti United’s Extreme E team prior to the inaugural Extreme E season in 2021. Heading into their third year of Extreme E competition, the team has recorded four podiums and one win (2021, Arctic X-Prix). United Autosports maintains an equity partnership and operational role in Andretti ALTAWKILAT Extreme E as the team enters Season 3.


The Andretti ALTAWKILAT Extreme E ODYSSEY 21 will make its debut with the already confirmed driver lineup of the race-winning duo Catie Munnings and Timmy Hansen in Saudi Arabia at the Desert X Prix on March 11-12.



“ALTAWKILAT has been a part of our Extreme E journey from the beginning, and we are happy to have our relationship grow to form Andretti ALTAWKILAT Extreme E. ALTAWKILAT shares our interest in supporting the mission of Extreme E as a sport for purpose. Like Andretti, ALTAWKILAT’s passion for motorsport runs deep and to do it together in this all-electric form of motorsport is a chapter we look forward to.”



“Our partnership with ALTAWKILAT in Extreme E has been an exciting one to watch. What started as a business relationship with us in Extreme E’s inaugural season has turned into not only an integral part of our racing program but also a strong friendship. As one of the biggest Saudi automotive distributors, ALTAWKILAT has been very supportive of our racing efforts both in our Extreme E and Formula E programs providing transportation and logistical solutions and we’re glad to have ALTAWKILAT on board in a bigger way than they have been before.”



“We are delighted and honored to partner with Andretti, a legend in motorsports. We admire the great work done by the Andretti team through their Extreme E program to bring awareness to effects of global warming and to demonstrate the use of alternate mobility solutions such as electric vehicles. We are privileged to be associated with the team from season 3 and hope to play an active role in bringing awareness for the use of alternate energy sources to reduce air pollution and the need to protect the planet from effects of global warming. During the Desert X Prix event in Neom, ALTAWKILAT will be launching a major community program coinciding with Earth Day that will educate the local population on the need to protect our environment.”