Celebrating Women’s History Month with Andretti Autosport


In honor of Women’s History Month,
Andretti Autosport celebrates the group of women who work within the
organization. The 19 women within the championship-winning race team hold
titles across all aspects of the business from competition to logistics and commercial

 “While racing has often
been perceived as a male-dominated environment, Andretti Autosport has always
been an advocate in creating an equitable workplace,” said company Vice
President, Andretti Autosport and Managing Director, Andretti Technologies
Marissa Andretti. “I’m grateful that my Dad (Michael) has always promoted the
sharing of good ideas and ‘having a voice.’ It’s important to encourage others
to share their opinion and foster a collaborative environment because each
person’s strengths and experiences are valuable to achieve that competitive
edge – and that goes for any industry.”

Andretti Autosport boasts multiple
female vice presidents in addition to accountants, engineers, mechanics, partnership
management and communications professionals, travel and human resources managers,
and a female legal representative. The organization has put a strong focus on
employee development and promoting from within throughout all aspects of the

“I’ve been with Andretti Autosport
since 2007 and I can honestly say that I can’t imagine working anywhere else,”
said Vice President of Communications Ryann Weatherford. “This organization has
put a lot of time, effort and resources into ensuring that Andretti Autosport
creates the best environment for all of its employees, and I think it’s
especially obvious when you see the level of employee retention throughout the

Development Engineer Amanda Gross has
experienced Andretti Autosport’s employee development process firsthand, “I
came to Andretti nine years ago for an internship in college and never left! My
first year was the year we won the Championship in 2012 and then I got to be a
part of a 500 win two years later, so I got to experience some great moments
early in my career and have really grown as an engineer. I’ve never worked
anywhere else, and I think that speaks to the type of place Andretti is. It’s
very much an employee-focused place to work and they put a lot of effort into
taking care of the people who work here, which makes it an easy place to call

The current group of women at
Andretti Autosport have been employed with the team for nearly 100 years collectively
with four having over 10 years and nine with over five years of employment with
the team.

“I’ve been a race fan since I was
very little growing up near Michigan International Speedway, so getting to work
at a place like Andretti Autosport doing what I love in a sport that I love has
been so much more fun that just going to a ‘normal job’.” said Andretti
accounting clerk Lorie Broyles, who will have been with Andretti Autosport for nearly
17 years and is a part of the team’s all-female accounting department. “Andretti
Autosport has been such a great place to work for all these years, especially
with all of the consideration management has for their employees.”

Andretti Autosport is proud to honor
all of the women in motorsports who have come before, the women now, and the
ones yet to come.

Women of Andretti Autosport
Marissa Andretti

Ryann Weatherford

Ashlee Huffman 

Tiffany Hemmer

Stephanie Thormann

Lynzy Richey

Brandi Benda 

Megan Barnhart

Tracy Moyer 

Deanna Willhoite

Lorie Broyles 

Candace Clark 

Lori Crane

Amanda Gross 

Lizzie Todd 

Jessica Mace 

Madison Gremore 

Amy Liles 

Jenna Soukup