Andretti Autosport Partners with EVO to Enhance Driver Development Program


Evolution Development Group (EVO), an athletic development company that intends to turn top-contenders in individual professional sports into tomorrow’s champions through fan investment, today announced it’s been chosen by Andretti Autosport to bolster their driver selection program. EVO is planning to provide everything from management and training, to promotion and nutrition for drivers who have been scouted by Andretti Autosport and EVO—and are promising champions—but need the extra support to help them succeed.

As a part of the deal, Andretti Autosport has taken an equity stake in EVO’s business, which plans to allow the average person to invest in their company, and get a cut of the earnings of all the athletes EVO intends to develop—across a myriad of individual professional sports (beyond just auto racing). It’s a new way for fans to engage with sports they already love, while driving the potential of making races and events more competitive, and more exciting.

Becoming an NTT INDYCAR® SERIES champion is no small task, and Andretti’s vetting process is rigorous. Many drivers don’t make the cut—not necessarily for a lack of talent—but often for a lack of funding, or a little more training. Andretti Autosport’s partnership with EVO may enable the premier racing team to work with an even greater pool of drivers, thanks to EVO’s team of successful veteran coaches, trainers, managers, nutritionists, and more. With EVO, drivers may have the opportunity to hone their skills, get more seat time behind the wheel, improve their diet and exercise, and get help with funding, as they pursue their dreams to chase the checkered flag.

“The biggest problem with racing is that it’s very expensive to race. You can have all the talent in the world and love it more than anything, but if you don’t have the backing, you’re probably not going to make it,” said Michael Andretti, Chairman and CEO of Andretti Autosport. “There’s a lot of talent sitting on the sidelines that could have been champions. To have a platform like EVO, it’s huge for a young, true talent.”

“EVO is solving a problem for Andretti Autosport by further developing drivers that otherwise may be left behind because they lack the resources to become tomorrow’s champions, but not the talent,” said John Norman, CEO of EVO. “EVO plans to offer athletes everything they need to reach their goals, and the Andretti Autosport partnership is the first step in building future athletes.”

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