Techies Love Race Cars

By William Wappler, CEO and President, Surgere

long ago, and still somewhat true today, racing was the advertising domain of
oil companies, tire manufacturers, automotive manufacturers, and traditional
industry. Race fans had a demographic that was well understood and coveted, and
advertising dollars were extremely focused. 

forward to 2020

wait…I’m a software guy. Our company, Surgere, is a global leader in
providing a highly sophisticated technology used to capture IoT data throughout
supply chains. Why in the world have we become so interested in a partnership
with Andretti and the world of IndyCar? How have our software engineers,
project managers, and other technical staff become engrossed in a sport that
was far removed from their past (except as gamers)? And, most importantly for
us, why have our clients become tightly connected with our journey into

answer is both simple and yet a window into the complex nature of today’s
racing. The simple answer, Andretti creates, consumes, and analyzes vast
amounts of data to compete. IndyCar is an exercise in the use of many
interwoven sciences. Techies love it. A more complex conversation centers
around the emotional connection created between today’s racing teams and the
technology paradigm. After all, we look alike. 

communication drives success as data is continually changing on the track as
well as it does throughout the supply chain. In racing and in technology, highly
specialized team members come together in groups to solve problems and position
the team to win. Competition is based on many layers of expertise. The driver
or Surgere’s “data scientist”, visually represents a deep, well
organized, tight-knit unit, coming together as a single entity. To us, they
are us.

fans love the competition.

We know
that racing fans build strong bonds with their favorite drivers, for Surgere
and our clients, that’s Marco. The #98 car is extremely special to us; in fact,
it’s my favorite video-conferencing background right now! Not only has it been
fun following Marco and the entire Andretti team, but it’s been exciting to
show some of our friends how racing is a must-try experience for all. We’ve had
clients and employees who have never been to a race, who fully dive in and
enjoy everything racing has to offer.

my education, surprise, and enjoyment stems from watching the blending of
cultures. Being part of a growing family of “gear heads” and
“techies” is an exciting and wonderful world. Surgere couldn’t be
more pleased to become part of Andretti and IndyCar. I personally have come to
the realization that when our technological folks watch #98 race …we’re
looking in a mirror.