I’ve seen a lot of things in racing over the years, but I
have to say that even after spending my entire life in this industry, what we
are currently undergoing is a new one! But, it’s new for everyone. We’re all in
this together, and I have no doubt that we are all going to come out of this

With racing on hold, our day to day is a little different. The
doors of our race shop are temporarily closed, and our home offices are filled
with school supplies as we balance work-from-home while helping our kids with home
schooling. I never thought I’d be a kindergarten teacher (and thankfully my
wife Jodi is doing all the teaching!). I also never thought we’d see the days
of sim racing being broadcast on TV… but here we are. And, through it
all, I’m grateful. Andretti Autosport is blessed with employees, drivers and
sponsors that are like family and I’m thankful to each and every one of them
for standing together as we see this through – and I hope you’re all enjoying seeing
iRacing on NBCSN! 

Our team has been working hard to stay connected to the fans
and our partners and to help provide aid where we can. From building activity
sheets for kids to 3D printing components for medical face masks, we are all
working to do our part. 

The number of things we are adapting to and overcoming is
rapidly growing. We’re learning by the minute that our future is based on
finding new ways to communicate and support each other, finding new ways for
outreach. This time is secretly helping us build stronger families and become
more grateful teammates. Sometimes it takes a great challenge and leaving the
most comfortable of zones to grow, and we’re all doing just that. 

In the coming weeks, we’ll be showcasing a series of Guest
Blogs at Our goal is to share the voices of our
community, and we hope that they offer you some kind of perspective, guidance,
inspiration, comedy and comfort during this time.  

I hope you’ll read along, and I look forward to seeing you
at a racetrack again soon.

In the meantime, take care of one another – stay home, stay
healthy and stay safe.  

– MA