As CEO of
DHL Express U.S., which includes 124 facilities nationwide, my schedule is
usually booked with visits to these various operations facilities and offices.
However, due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, my schedule now consists of
working from home in Delray Beach, Florida and enjoying time with my dog Sadie,
my girlfriend Ana and her two wonderful daughters.

the opportunity to connect face-to-face with colleagues and customers, I’ve had
to adapt to remotely leading a company with U.S. (and global) operations —
that has been declared an essential business — through this pandemic. How am I
handling this? I’ve been focused on three key things. 

1.      Keeping my people
 We have 1,300 employees, who previously worked from call
centers or corporate facilities that are now working from home. However, we
have thousands of other employees who are on the “front lines” every day making
critical deliveries including PPE for healthcare workers. We are doing
everything we can to protect our employees by strictly following CDC guidelines
and keeping our teams informed of evolving safety precautions.  

2.      Keeping the supply
chain operational
. We have several continuity plans in place for potential
disruptions. Thanks to our preparations, we were able to quickly adjust so we
can continue to serve our customers as seamlessly as possible. In fact, to
honor our efforts, we recently had the amazing opportunity to send one of our
DHL couriers, Dylan Madigan, to the White House where he was recognized
by President Trump
 for keeping the nation moving in the face of a crippling

3.      Keeping my people
 By spreading work across departments, we are being more
efficient and ensuring every employee has a job so we can avoid layoffs and
furloughs. Keeping a paycheck coming for my employees is very important to me
and something I will continue to work towards.

I think
most business leaders can agree that we are under a lot of pressure during this
economic downturn and global pandemic. What has helped me manage is seeing the
bright side of the situation. I’m extremely grateful to have such a strong
support system during this time. They have kept me active, laughing and fed.
But most importantly, I’m thankful for my health. I’m 49-years old, my family
has a history of diabetes and I have asthma, so I’m considered in the high-risk
category for COVID-19. I am taking safety measures very seriously, not
only for my own benefit, but to protect others, especially since I am in an
area of Florida with a large 65+ population.

will certainly create a new normal (at least in the short term) for nearly
every industry, including sports. I know all of us at DHL are looking forward
to supporting Andretti and cheering on our driver, Ryan Hunter Reay, once
racing resumes—even if how we watch or participate in races may change.  

As a
country, we must embrace these changes and remain resilient, just as we did
after 9/11 and the 2008 recession. It may take time, but we must continue to
support each other so we can rebuild. For now, stay safe, and don’t forget to
thank your couriers!