Andretti Autosport becomes first American team
to commit to electric SUV off-road racing series

Extreme E effort marks a new venture for
Andretti, helping to bring attention to sustainability and impact of climate

Extreme E
has today announced Andretti Autosport as the first American, and sixth overall,
team to join the electric SUV off-road racing series. 

Led by
Michael Andretti, Andretti Autosport holds nearly two decades of accolades
across various disciplines of motorsport, including five Indianapolis 500
victories and four INDYCAR SERIES championships. The team has also been active
as a competitor in the ABB Formula E Championship since the inaugural season, with
multiple racing victories and now competing under the BMW i Andretti Motorsport

The Extreme
E championship will unfold over five rounds of competition, each featuring two
days of head to head, knockout racing highlighting
the impact of climate change and human influences while raising awareness,
driving sustainability and inspiring action. 

The 10-kilometer circuits will be staged in some of the most remarkable, remote and severely damaged
locations on the planet: Kangerlussuaq in Greenland, the Amazon Rainforest in
Brazil, Al-‘Ula in Saudi Arabia, the Nepalese Himalayas and Lac Rose near
Dakar, Senegal, where climate issues to highlight include rising carbon
emissions, global heating and melting arctic ice, rising sea levels, droughts
and desertification, deforestation, plastic pollution and more.

Teams are
planned to each take delivery of their ODYSSEY 21 E-SUVs in late October of this
year, with a group test of the vehicles to take place shortly thereafter. 


“I am
absolutely delighted to welcome Andretti Autosport, a true powerhouse in racing,
as the latest team to join Extreme E.  

Autosport has achieved across multiple disciplines at the highest level of our
sport over many years. The team has a real passion for motorsport, both as a
driver of change and in promoting sustainable practices and technologies, making
its decision to join Extreme E at this early stage, a natural one. 

“Extreme E
is an ambitious new project born out of a concern for the future of our planet,
and now more than ever, as motorsport adapts its behaviors and values to stay
relevant in these changing times, that concern is critical for us all to

Autosport has been fine tuning its expertise in electric racing as a founding
Formula E outfit, and off-road as multiple rallycross title-winners. These
experiences will be invaluable in making the jump into Extreme E. That said,
the series is a unique prospect all of its own. The sporting challenge will be
intense and the scope for innovation is far-reaching, and I for one am eager to
see how the Andretti Autosport team adapts to its new test.”  


“We remain
dedicated to expanding and diversifying our team effort, in both traditional
motorsport and with new, revolutionary racing concepts. I think that Extreme E
is an exciting opportunity for the team as we continue to grow globally.  

“The current
COVID-19 crisis is bringing attention to a changing world, and our traditional
mindsets have to adapt with that. We feel that announcing now can help bring
hope for the future of motorsport and a new focus to the sustainability
message. I believe the entire motorsport industry is going to emerge from this
time stronger than ever, and I look forward to seeing our team join Extreme E
to do our part in leaving an impactful legacy in each race location.”  


“The proposed format
of Extreme E is unique, not only from the competition perspective but also from
what it means to the planet, the impact to it and our contribution to improving
it. Motorsport has always spoken of racing in harsh environments and now with
Extreme E we really will be putting this to the test and showcasing the
abilities of an all-electric racing platform.

“It is an exciting
opportunity to combine our knowledge and experience of electric racing with
that of short circuit off road competition. We have proven to be successful in
both arenas in the past so hopefully we carry this over into the new venture!”  

About Extreme E

Extreme E is a radical new racing series, which
will see electric SUVs competing in extreme environments around the world. The
five-race global voyage highlights the impact of climate change on some of the
world’s most fragile ecosystems and promotes the adoption of electric vehicles
to help preserve the environment and protect the planet. Extreme E is operated
in association with Formula E – the organizer of the ABB FIA Formula E
Championship. Extreme E is committed to sustainability and minimizing
environmental impact – as well as playing its part in re-building and restoring
areas already impacted by climate change.