Technical supplier BIG KAISER and Andretti Autosport have extended their partnership through 2017, and introduced new workholding products to the championship-winning race team’s shop. 

As a worldwide leader in high-precision tooling systems, BIG KAISER provides Andretti Autosport with manufacturing process expertise and technical products including tool holders, tool measuring systems, and boring tools for CNC machines. The new Unilock modular workholding systems, offered exclusively by BIG KAISER, will further reduce machine set up times while increasing accuracy and repeatability. 

Charlie Mitchell, machinist at Andretti Autosport, works with BIG KAISER technicians to develop a machine plate that incorporates Unilock Zero Point clamping system receivers. This base platefits onto DMG Mori’s DMU50 5 Axis Milling Machine table, allowing for the fast changeover of different pallets and fixtures, increasing efficiency and decreasing setup time. 

In an industry where fast is everything, being able to create and improve car parts quickly is as important as on-track speeds. “Because of the environment we are in, our engineers are continuously working to improve different car parts, and with the tight schedule [during the season], we need to have the ability to produce these parts quickly,” said Mitchell. “I work closely with the technical engineers at BIG KAISER not only to use their products, but to help develop quicker, faster set up times with their products.” 

The ease of using BIG KAISER and Unilock products saves tremendous amounts of time for the team. “We’re usually working on one to five pieces at a time,” explained Mitchell. “The actual manufacturing of a particular part without Unilock takes anywhere from a half of a day to an entire day. With the Unilock setup and Big Kaiser Tool Preset up, we are able to cut down our setup time significantly.” 

“When our products and experience give the team an advantage in manufacturing, it’s our way to help Andretti Autosport in its pursuit of victory in the upcoming Verizon IndyCar Series season,” says John Zaya, product manager at BIG KAISER. 

Not only do the quality products from BIG KAISER and Unilock provide Andretti Autosport with an advantage on creating accurate parts for the team’s race cars across all platforms, the quality support also solidifies the relationship. 

“The [Unilock] products are extremely helpful in making my job easier,” said Mitchell jokingly. “But the support that we receive from BIG KAISER is beyond average, it’s outstanding. Because of their support, Andretti Autosport can accomplish our goals and meet the objectives of our engineering department.”