VARX Qualifying Report: X Games Austin

Scott Speed – No. 41 SHARK WEEK Beetle
“We knew we were fast in practice, but you don’t officially know where all the other cars stand until the results come in. In this morning’s practice session, Tanner (Foust) and I were at the top of the board so when it came to qualifying it was just a matter of not making any mistakes. The Volkswagen Andretti team have given us both incredible cars for the first two races of the season. I think this is the second time we have been one, two in two consecutive races so there is no question the the Volkswagen Andretti Beetles are amazing. Very lucky man to be able to drive this car and compete in X Games Austin.”
Tanner Foust – No. 34 Rockstar Energy Drink Beetle
“Last year the X Games track was pretty good, but it had some pretty critical gravel hairpins and it was just very difficult to get off those gravel hairpins with some speed. This year I think the Beetle is multi-talented at all surfaces, we worked hard to to make it good on the slippery stuff, the grippy stuff and I think it just gains a little bit in each section. In practice, Scott (Speed) and I were within hundredths of one another and in qualifying I don’t know what happened in the start, but still happy to get second in qualifying. There is a lot of competition this year, but for the Beetles to come down and show some pretty good dominance in practice and qualifying is pretty awesome.”